Helical Piles

TEK Piles installs helical pile foundations and piers to support gas pipe, launcher/receivers, regen boilers, horizontal contactors, contactor towers, meter stations, pre-engineered buildings and sound enclosures. TEK Piles also installs helical piles to stabilize existing equipment installations.

Helica Pile Foundations and Piers Canonsburg, Lawrence, Pittsburgh

The use of helical piles as load transfer devices in the civil and structural engineering industry is well proven and widely accepted and applications for the technology include (but are not limited to) metering skids, regen boiler skids, filter separators, contactor towers, GPU units, inline heaters, pump jacks, pipe supports, building/structure columns, and control buildings.

Helical pile products utilize deep foundation, piling technology that has been developed and used in various forms over the last 150 years.

Benefits of using TEK Piles for all your foundation and pipe support needs include:

  • We deal with both new constructions and repairs​​​​​
  • Increased performance, reliability and safety​​​​​
  • Reduced site design, development, maintenance and repair costs
  • ​​​​​Dramatically condensed construction schedules
  • Reduced site environmental impact

Benefits of foundations & pipe supports for the oil & gas industry

Design and Safety Compliance:

  • Helical pile foundations are designed to conform to IBC 2009/2012 and can accommodate nearly any soil condition.
  • Helical piles can provide up to 300,000 lbs. ultimate vertical load capacity (tension/compression).
  • Load capacity is verified on each pile installed by use of a torque shear pin indicator.
  • Piles and related components are zinc plated per ASTM B633 for corrosion resistance and are designed for a minimum 75 year life.

Time and Cost Savings:

  • Piles are installed quickly with minimal disturbance to the environment. No excavation or special surface conditioning is required. A rubber tracked skid steer is used for installation allowing us to access remote locations.
  • Installation is unaffected by weather conditions. Piles can be installed in extreme cold/heat, frost, snow, rain, mud, etc, with no effect on capacity.
  • Piles can be loaded (to capacity) immediately upon installation and do not require any cure time or waiting period. Piles can easily be removed and reused at multiple locations when using for temporary installations.
  • Pile Caps can be provided to facilitate the bolting/welding of the equipment or pipe supports being placed on the pile. Pile caps can be field adjusted for elevation after installation to eliminate the need for shimming. Caps are also available for concrete embedment or precast concrete slab underpinning.